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hey now we'll be okay. it's alright

hey now red velvet, we'll be okay. it's alright.
#RedVelvet #Fanbook #Psycho #FanArt #TheReVeFestival #TheReVeFestivalFinale

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EXO - Obsession (X-ÉXØ Animation)

I want you...
#exo #obsession #chen #baekhyun #chanyeol #sehun #suho #kai #Fanbook #Animation

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Summer Magic!

🍇🍊🍉🍍🥝 #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #Fanbook #SummerMagic

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finally! I finished this drawing yaaay😅 mély ovációban gratulálok a fiúknak, hogy idén is sikerült összehozniuk egy csodát✨👏 pedig be se volt ígérve, de milyen jó, hogy mégis megleptek.🐵💕 a concept nagyon fullos szóval megvagyok elégedve imádom🙉💕


#EXO #Obsession #digitaldrawing #Fanbook #xexo

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you got me feeling like a psycho~

you got me feeling like a psycho~
#Wendy #RedVelvet #Psycho #Fanbook

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Umpah Umpah

Reveluv Philippines Loves Red Velvet ❤️
#FanBook #RedVelvet

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Moonwalk - WayV

I hope you like it!^^ #WayV #Moonwalk #Fanbook

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Yeri PSYCHO Teaser

yeri's teaser was ethereal, i tried to make it even more magical in this piece! it should give of a fantasy, magical vibe but with a darker meaning behind it. these butterflies are called purple emperor or apatura iris and they are known to eat animal carcasses. since yeri looked a bit like a dead bride in this picture, i tried to keep that part but make it look more fantasy themed!
#redvelvet #fanbook #psycho #saypsycho #revefestival #yeri

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