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We Young Dream Adventure !!


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We Young

We don’t stay down~
#exo #chanhun #exofanart #fanart #weyoung

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We young : MARK


We just wanna have fun
cause' we HOT and WE YOUNG 🏖

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NCT DREAM- Haechan Jisung & Mark !!

Fanart of NCT DREAM's Haechan, Jisung and Mark. #NCTDREAM #WeYoung #Mark #Haechan #Jisung #NCTFanart

Instagram and Twitter: Queentomu

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because you are 我的音乐明星

hello guys, this is my new enter to the contest. i really love #NCTDREAM so much, especially Chenle because he is my vitamin to continue my Chinese studies. please support my artwork 💞

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The Little Prince [小王子]

小王子. prince!renjun #런쥔 #黄仁俊 #RENJUN #NCTDREAM #WeYoung

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Hopefully we can see each other in a dream :3

#NCTDREAM #NctDream #WeYoung #NCT

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Haechan - We Young

#Haechan #NCTDREAM #WeYoung #Donghyuck
my instagram and twitter is: Queentomu

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we young jisung

new era, new vibe for nct dream who are growing up so fast!! (especially jisung lol)
#fanbookxpenup #jisung #parkjisung #지성 #박지성 #NCT #NCTDREAM #엔시티 #엔시티드림 #WeYoung #pencilart #pencildrawing

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The Adventures of NCT DREAM


It's a story of NCTDREAM who went in search of treasure.
They found the treasure!
But there was only watermelon.
It's only MARK was pleased….

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"To die would be an awfully big adventure" - Peter Pan

In this artwork I wanted to portray the boys as the Lost Boys from Peter Pan!

Mark - Peter
Jaemin - Tootles
Jeno - Nibs
Haechan - Slightly
Renjun - Curly
Jisung - First Twin
Chenle - Second Twin

Peter Pan is my most favourite book and story, so making this was beyond happiness for me. I am 20 years old now so I want to thank NCT DREAM for reminding me of my childhood in such a magnificent way. 💫🍃


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we young

‪바람 하늘 그리고 너 💘‬
#지성 #천러 #weyoung

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perittama @ twitter

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