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B 'n' W Kun

#WayV #TheVision
Black and white highlights the depths of his eyes, and the heights of his features.

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Xiaojun Regular Zone

#WayV #TheVision
"and now we in a zone"
inspired by Xiaojun's mesmerizing part in Regular with the purple smoke
twitter account: @/ZHCLDREAMS

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#WayV #TheVision #xiaojun #nct 当时预告照发出来时,肖俊这张图真的惊艳到我了,非常喜欢,尤其是喜欢他的眼睛。

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WayV Pencil Portrait

Artist: Hira Hyder
Media: Mixed Media, Silver Tape, Pencil, Ebony, Charcoal
#WayV #TheVision #Ten #Lucas #Kun #Xiaojun #WinWin #YangYang #Hendery #Pencil #Portrait #NCT

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WayV, Dream Launch - Kun

#WayV #TheVision #Kun #QianKun

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Dream Launch - Movie Trailer (2019)

Seven REGULAR boys, after being stuck at the boarding school with low scores, they find themselves facing the possible end of the world when a wormhole is discovered near Earth. Together, they need to find out a way to save the planet while trying not to fail their grades again. But weird things are happening around them...

DREAM LAUNCH, the movie!
Starring Kun, Lucas, Ten (Li Yong Qin), Hendery, WinWin, Xiaojun and YangYang, from WayV 威神V!

#FanBook #WayV #TheVision

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Winwin Portrait

Winwin acrylic portrait 11in x 14in
#WayV #thevision

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We are your vision.

No I should say. #WayV #TheVision

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YANGYANG with the Golden Snitch 💛

#WayV #TheVision #yangyang #yangyangwayv

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Dreaming of THE VISION

Hey! I just made a lil fun edit using both concepts... Hope you like it :3
#WayV #TheVision #DreamLaunchPlan

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The Dream Chasers

I wanted to create a piece with all of their dream jobs and so this was made. There are a lot of things I'd like to fix but after 2+ weeks of looking at it I wish to just upload it lol anyway I hope you still like it

#WayV #TheVision #NCT #Regular

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WayV 威神V - Regular

#WayV #TheVision
my first digital art piece for Fanbook!

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