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Walk on Memories

inspired by the song "walk on memories" and kyungsoo's photoshoot! #EXO #thewarEXO

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Suho The War - KoKoBop

Leader Suho for kokobop ❤

#FanBook #EXO #TheWarEXO #Suho #KoKoBop

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Super heros of EXO Planet

Combining all of the powers, EXO is unbeatable. On EXO planet and on our planet, they have the unparalleled power and control.

They are just like the diamonds shining forever. 5 years of success and many more amazing years to come !

We Are One ! ❤

#EXO #TheWarEXO #Suho #Xiumin #Baekhyun #Chen #Chanyeol #DO #Kai #Sehun #KoKoBop #Fanbook

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Animation : Space Movement - Level 1

Kai at the start of his teleportation skills journey, not quite mastering it yet, so glitching out all over the place.

Drawing created using Procreate for the iPad pro & animation finished in photoshop.


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Strikingly Beautiful

Fanart of Chen from "The War" album pictures.

A small attempt to show his supernatural power through this piece of work.

#TheWarEXO #FanBook #Chen #KoKoBop #Jongdae

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Chanyeol for #TheWarExo contest!

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KoKo Bop Teaser ~ Baekhyun

EXO's Comeback is approaching! And Baekhyun looks really great in this new hairstyle!

#kokobop #Baekhyun #illustration #TheWarEXO #FanBook

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A representation of Kyungsoo's power that is "Earth".

#TheWarEXO #kokobop #DO #Kyungsoo #Fanbook

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-25 July 2017.
KoKoBoP- omg I started this like when 4teasers of Kokobop were released, on July 14th actually. I'm in love with this new album, THE WAR, it can be my fav Exo's album for sure. This era is already my new thing.(۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ ) I hope that you can recognize Yeol even if his eyes are closed hehe. The concept, colours, flowers, palm trees, fireworks, hairs, clothes, every thing is so cool, congratz EXO. The inspiration to draw is here.

#chanyeol #exo #exofanart #kokobop #TheWarEXO #찬열 #엑소

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Another Me

Kai teleporting himself with his supernatural power.

#TheWarEXO #Fanbook #kokobop #Kai

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Suho and his power "water" .
A fanart inspired from The War album pictures.

#TheWar #TheWarEXO #kokobop #Suho

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#DO #CHEN #kyunsoo #jongdae #TheWarEXO #KOKOBOP #EXO

Thank you for your comment & love.
I'm happy!

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