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zhang yixing comeback

CONGRATULATIONS !! im so happy to hear your voice again!! thank you so much for the endless hours you pour into making us fans happy! #lay #exo #zhangyixing #yixing #ink #micron #ineedu #laycomeback #exolay

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...every step...

Another project for my classes.
This time it’s 10 illustrations
for the book about “what happiness is”.

And for me

this is The Happiness.


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Lay <<Valentino>>

My game wouldnt load on the train so I decided to sketch yixing instead :)
the train was very shaky....more than usual....😔😔

instagram/Twitter: breadsavedworld

#Lay #Yixing #ZhangYixing #张艺兴 #EXO

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Goodbye Christmas (addition to EXO Universe series)

I'm falling, I'm falling down
Everyone's happy now, but I'm alone tonight
Don't let me, don't let me drown
It's too late to s'ay I love you, babe, goodbye
#EXO #EXO_Universe #Lay #Yixing #ZhangYixing

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