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Fanbook services operated by S.M. Entertainment prescribe the following operating policies. Please read this carefully as measures such as restricted use for inappropriate posts and its ID can be taken for the stable operation of Fanbook.

1. Report/Reprimand for Inappropriate Posts and Comments

  1. -All posts and comments in Fanbook are accompanied with a ‘Report’ button. In the event that the said post or comment is inappropriate, any member may press the ‘Report’ button and write the reason for the report.
  2. -In the event that a user reports posts or comments without justifiable reasons or makes repeated reports for no special reason, the person making the report may be reprimanded.
  3. -In the event that reports are made repeatedly by multiple members for the same post or comment, or when there is a report made with justifiable reasons, the said post will be made blind, and if it does not meet the operating policies, it may be deleted without prior notice. In addition, the member who made such post may, depending on the severity, be restricted from Fanbook services permanently.

2. Definition of Inappropriate Posts and Comments

  1. (1)Violation of Copyrights and Illegal Distribution
    1. -Violating the copyrights under the rights of others
    2. -Attempting to degrade the user service environment through programs such as viruses and malicious codes, or to interfere with Company’s operations and manipulate services using programs such as Abusing, etc.
    3. -Attempting to distribute illegal hacking information or stealing personal information of members
    4. -Selling or promoting illegal products or products that cannot be sold online
    5. -When posting illegal materials such as resident registration number generators, item generators and card generators
    6. -When posting information on illegal websites or P2P sites or sharing contents related to illegal copying such as serial numbers
    7. -When inducing illegal reproduction such as free downloads without using authentic products
    8. -When sharing data not allowed in other services or websites or posting such links
    9. -When illegally posting, editing, copying or distributing copyrighted works without receiving approval from the copyright holder
    10. -When posting, exposing or using personal information of others (ex. Name, resident registration number, contact number, e-mail, SNS, photos, etc.) without their consent
    11. -When joining and using services by misusing/stealing devices of others
  2. (2)Lewd, Sexual Violence, Youth Hazard Activities
    1. -When depicting sexual behavior or excessively exposing physical body
    2. -When judged that exposure is excessive and harmful for youths
    3. -When directly and in detail, depicting children and youths as sexual objects
    4. -When glamorizing sexual crimes or depicting it in a factual and detailed manner
    5. -When having explicitly sexual conversations or looking for sexual partners
    6. -When depicting matters related sexual behavior (onomatopoeic or mimetic words)
    7. -When depicting perverted sexual desires such as group sex, bestiality, torture, etc.
    8. -When including contents that can be the reason for sexual embarrassment or displease to others
    9. -When explaining in detail, anti-humanistic sexual behavior such as adultery and incest
    10. -When depicting illegal sexual behavior such as prostitution or sharing, brokering, enticing or abetting related information
    11. -When sharing lewd websites/data or posting such links
    12. -When posting lewd information or locations of adult entertainment establishments
    13. -When sharing photos or contents that are disgusting or may cause displeasure among viewers
  3. (3)Encouraging Violence or Speculation
    1. -When glamorizing and recommending criminal behavior (drugs, sexual violence, sexual harassment, murder, etc.)
    2. -Glamorizing or recommending suicide, indicating how to commit suicide, or encouraging joint suicide
    3. -Sharing, recommending, etc. behavior that is not socially and ethically acceptable such as cyber stalking
    4. -When posting that can cause disgust among people such as scenes of executes, corpses, etc.
    5. -When recommending, enticing or brokering murder
    6. -Glamorizing or posting contents related to violence against children such as child abuse
    7. -When posting contents that can damage traditional family values
    8. -Posts related to or recommends production and use of drugs harmful to youths
    9. -When posting contents that can encourage or recommend undesirable relationships for youths
    10. -When posting contents on selling gifts/lottery
    11. -When encouraging speculative behavior such as pyramid-type cons
  4. (4)Excessive Advertisement, Spam, Posting
    1. -When repeatedly uploading posts through mechanical patterns using programs, etc.
    2. -When posting advertisement/PR comments or commercial comments to attract visits by readers on the posts or spaces of others without their consent
    3. -When subscribing and being active in the service for commercial PR or advertising
    4. -When posting commercial comments with the interests of a specific company or individual
    5. -When generating, inducing or brokering financial transactions
    6. -When causing damages to Fanbook users through false or exaggerated advertising
  5. (5)Defamation, Discrimination, Discord
    1. -When writing and distributing contents that criticize or encourage discrimination against gender, age, disability, social status, race, region, occupation, religion, etc. or violating the rights of others
    2. -When posting anti-social contents that cause displeasure such as cursing/vulgarism/slang or contents that violate social order
    3. -When violating the personal life of individuals
    4. -When using vulgar expressions such as cursing or verbal violence to insult others or cause displeasure
  6. (6)Others
    1. -When posting contents that impersonate the administrator, employees, or relevant personnel
    2. -When stealing the accounts of others or the contents within the account or attempting to purchase, exchange or broker such contents
    3. -When selling or loaning one’s account to others or allowing others to use your account
    4. -When one person generates multiple accounts and repeatedly subscribes/withdraws from services, or when engaging in similar activities

Operation principle


Posts that include the following image shall be defined as inappropriate posts according to the FanBook terms of use, screening regulations of information communication by the Korea Communications Standards Commission, and the screening regulations of the Commission on Youth Protection. The following operation principles are applied for a healthy internet culture.

  1. When the following contents are found through reports or monitoring, it may be deleted or restricted without prior warning.

    1. 1)Cursing or slander of others
    2. 2)Personal attacks or defamation
    3. 3)Leaking personal information or violating privacy
    4. 4)Lewd contents or lewd links
    5. 5)Commercial ads or site/homepage advertisement
    6. 6)Leaking illegal information
    7. 7)Repeating same contents (flooding)
    8. 8)Encouraging violence or gambling
    9. 9)Contents unrelated to the post
  2. Repeated offense or severe violations may lead to restricted use. Upon the discretion of the admin or system, if it is judged that abnormal clicks were made, the IP or IP may be restricted. Comments that violate the law such as defamation, leaking personal information, or cursing may be punishable by civil law.



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False reports may restrict the service activities of the reporter, so please make reports carefully. Reports are limited to three times a day. Please contact us if your rights such as copyrights or defamation occurs.



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